Business Competitiveness Strategies on supervision

  1. By giving due regards to competitiveness, business efficiency and innovation
  2. Adopting to a consultative approach to regulating the organization and market retention
  3. Empower our customers/clients to access and assume for themselves the financial risks for their financial decisions
  4. Rely on timely, accurate and adequate disclosures by the organization rather than merit-based regulation of products to protect consumers
  5. Leverage on relevant stakeholders, professionals, financial associates and other agencies
  6. Place principal responsibility for risk oversight on the institutions board and management
  7. Maintain high standards of financial supervision including observing international co-operative standards and practices
  8. The board ensures that the organization is supervised on an integrated and consolidated basis
  9. Asses the adequacy of the organizations risk management in the context of its risk and business profile
  10. Emphasize risk focused supervision rather than one size fits all regulations

Sacco Updates


  1. Offered to existing and active account holders
  2. Rate of repayment is 2.5% per month
  3. Repayment within 12 months
  4. Must be secured and the collateral fully charged to Ammar Sacco.

Success Factors
  1. Concentration on a limited range of highly standardized credit products to reduce operating costs and streamline lending procedures
  2. Online compilation of key financial data and other risk relevant information concerning a client rather than relying on fragmentary out dated or inaccurate official data
  3. Compensation for the lack of conventional collateral through rigorous loan analysis and strong dynamic repayment incentives
  4. Joint decision making in credit committees which convene on a regular basis to keep processing times to a minimum
  5. A transparent and highly performance oriented staff remuneration and promotion system

Other services and benefits:
  1. Sale of in house Check books
  2. Sale of Bankers Check
  3. ATM Services
  4. Mobile Banking
  5. Free Financial Advisory Services
  6. No appointment to see Manager-Open Door Policy

Business Strategies