Business Strategy


To be the leading and the most reliable financial partner in Kenya. This vision implies that All Churches SACCO must:
  1. Attract and retain members
  2. Offer quality services
  3. Provide a variety of financial products and services.
  4. Be innovative in its service delivery processes, products and way of doing business
  5. Have focused leadership that drives the organization ahead of the challenges inherent in the present and future operating environment.
  6. Have a commercial orientation, make profit and build institutional capacity over time.


To mobilize funds and offer timely quality and competitive financial services to our members in order to uplift their social economic status. All Churches SACCO's business is that of providing financial solutions to its members in a sustainable manner. This mission implies that the SACCO has to:
  1. Invest in process and product
  2. Focus on members' management systems like assessing loyalty and satisfaction levels.
  3. Recruit and retain competent staff. Staff appraisals have to be done regularly and help staff upgrade their skills in ICT and other operational areas as dictated by the changes in products and systems
  4. Performance analysis to be done regularly and be focused on key operational areas of efficiency, productivity and quality of assets.

Core Values

  1. Professionalism
  2. Quality service
  3. Equality
  4. Integrity
  5. Transparency and accountability

What we do

The idea is to establish a specialized Sacco unit bearing in mind that the credit technologies used for best practice Sacco lending are conceptually distinct from techniques employed by conventional banks in their retail and corporate lending activities. For the commercial success of a downscaling lending unit, it is crucial that it is implemented into a clean environment which is prepared to absorb the specific methodologies and tools that make small business lending work. In line with our services, below are some of the services we offer.

Sacco Updates

  1. Offered to existing and active account holders
  2. Rate of repayment is 2.5% per month
  3. Repayment within 12 months
  4. Must be secured and the collateral fully charged to Ammar Sacco.

Success Factors
  1. Concentration on a limited range of highly standardized credit products to reduce operating costs and streamline lending procedures
  2. Online compilation of key financial data and other risk relevant information concerning a client rather than relying on fragmentary out dated or inaccurate official data
  3. Compensation for the lack of conventional collateral through rigorous loan analysis and strong dynamic repayment incentives
  4. Joint decision making in credit committees which convene on a regular basis to keep processing times to a minimum
  5. A transparent and highly performance oriented staff remuneration and promotion system

Other services and benefits:
  1. Sale of in house Check books
  2. Sale of Bankers Check
  3. ATM Services
  4. Mobile Banking
  5. Free Financial Advisory Services
  6. No appointment to see Manager-Open Door Policy

Business Strategies